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NOTE: For those families that have pet tags but not sent in a photo yet please send in your pet photos to

LOST PETS in Cordillera ----

please review this section occasionally, in case you may come across these pets.

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There are no Cordillera pets currently missing.
Merry Christmas everyone!"); ?>



If you lose a pet and it is registered in our system and you want it submitted to this page then email what you want to be printed (description, pet name, where lost, when lost, contact information, Cordillera tag number, etc) with an attached picture if you have one -

email to


Cordillera Animal Environment Committee

Jerry Merritt Jim Hawkins Don Gidley

Russ Wilhour Jay Pennington Cindy Jones Robert Vriesenga

Let them know you appreciate their efforts!     :)

Register Your Pet: (free service - free tags)

If you have not registered your pet/pets in our system yet then please click here to register them.  Even without a tag they can be in the search engine by breed if they are registered….REGISTER



Registered but don’t have a tag yet? 

Please take a digital picture of your pet – we need to see its head and body and have the picture well lit and have the pet filling up most of the picture.  Email the image to - along with the attached picture please include your name and street address and the pet’s name.   Once in the system I will email you that you can pick up your tag at the sales office.

Here is a good example of a pet picture – a small size image like this size is great also.



Have you found a pet that has a Cordillera Tag?

If so, please call the sales office 336-3570 and tell them the tag number on the tag. They can quickly look up which pet it is and who the owner is. If the sales office is closed: Our "auto inform owner" feature is currently under construction. If the sales office is closed please email and include your phone number and the pet Tag # and I'll phone you back with the pet owner's contact information.



Have you found a pet that does not have a Cordillera Tag?

Use this scrollbox to see if you find a match. These are all Cordillera pets that have been registered. If you find a close match then call the sales office 336-3570 and tell them which pet description is the best fit. They will then identify the owner of the pet for you.


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For additional identification tools, press here Pet Photo Review to see these pets (in the yellow scroll box order)
If the pet cannot be identified then please contact Cindy Jones 210 269-0466 In some cases she can locate someone who will temporarily house the pet.

If you do find the owner of a pet that has not been registered please encourage the owner to register their pet in our system.



Dog Obedience / Agility / Flyball / Rally

There seemed to be enough interest to investigate us having a Cordillera Dog Obedience / Agility club where pet owners (and their older children) could participate in classes held in hosts yards on the Cordillera Ranch grounds rather than driving to San Antonio.  If you have 1-3 acres fenced in and would like to be a rotating host please let us know


The demonstration we had on August 20th was a LOT of fun to watch.  Here are a couple of great action shots taken by Cordillera resident Mick McCorcle of pets doing Flyball.